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Our Advanced Laser Technology

Crystal Clear Vision is equipped with very advanced diagnostic instruments to evaluate the candidacy of patients and sophisticated laser equipment to provide them with world class visual results. Although Dr. Machat has been performing LASIK for two decades, Crystal Clear Vision was established in 2012, and thus was able to take advantage of the latest generation of technology advancements.

Schwind AMARIS 750S Excimer Laser System Dr. Machat has utilized eighteen different laser systems from eight different manufacturers over his career, and so is intimately familiar with the advantages of each technology. It is with this knowledge that Dr. Machat selected the centerpiece of his LASIK technology to be the Schwind AMARIS 750S Excimer laser system.

Crystal Clear Vision is the first LASIK Clinic in North America to be equipped with the AMARIS 750S laser system, although there are 350 clinics throughout the world that rely on this advanced laser system. The AMARIS 750S is the fastest laser system, utilizing a 0.54 mm spot size for extremely precise correction patterns and a frequency of 750 pulses per second. Treatment times are very short requiring about 1.5 seconds per diopter of myopia (near-sightedness) correction and 2.7 seconds per diopter of hyperopia (far-sightedness) correction, three times faster than the average laser system speed. The importance of speed is not only that patients find the procedure easier but that the hydration of the cornea is more physiological and helps provide more reliable clinical results. It also is equipped with AFLA, Automatic Fluence Level Adjustment and ITEC, Intelligent Thermal Effect Control. The AMARIS 750S is also the only Excimer laser system in the world that has 6 dimensional eye tracking, providing reliable laser pulse placement in not only the traditional x, y and z planes, but also rotational tracking, cyclotorsional tracking and tracking with eye rolling. The AMARIS eye tracker assesses the position of the eye an astounding 1050 times per second, prior to the delivery of each and every pulse to ensure perfect placement. With an eyetracker reaction time of 3/1000th of a second, Dr. Machat and his patients can feel very confident in the ability of the AMARIS 750S to deliver high quality clinical results every time. The AMARIS is also able to intra-operatively measure corneal thickness and has a slit microscope for corneal examination, providing two further added measures of safety for his LASIK patients. It is for these safety reasons that Dr. Machat paid a significantly higher premium, more than double, for the AMARIS over other lasers available to him.

International clinical results have demonstrated that the AMARIS 750S is able to achieve outstanding clinical results for myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism correction using extremely advanced AMARIS Custom LASIK and PRK programs using either Wavefront or Topographical analysis. This clinical approach to AMARIS Custom LASIK helps provide a higher quality of vision and safety for patients, especially for night driving using aspheric and aberration free profiles. Dr. Machat was the first surgeon in Canada, and one of the first handful in the world in March 2000 to perform Custom LASIK and has lectured extensively on Wavefront technology. It is with this background that he embraces and is excited by the AMARIS Custom LASIK and PRK programs of the Schwind AMARIS 750S Excimer laser system for his patients.

Ziemer Femtosecond Laser System The Ziemer Z series is the next generation of Femtosecond laser technology, capable of creating customized corneal flaps for LASIK as well as corneal inlay pockets for the KAMRA VisionTM Reading procedure. Dr. Machat was the first surgeon in Canada to utilize a Femtosecond Laser for corneal flap creation in LASIK, having performed the first Custom All Laser LASIK procedure in Canada in February 2003. In August 2012, Dr. Machat had the Ziemer Femtosecond Laser system used on his own eye to create the laser pocket for his KAMRA® Corneal Inlay. Compared to the previous generation of Femtosecond laser system Dr. Machat used, the Ziemer system uses a lower energy and faster repetition rate, providing a smoother surface and minimal swelling, ideal for KAMRA® Corneal Inlay placement. It has also been shown to have the most consistency in flap thickness, which is especially important when attempting to preserve corneal tissue. In clinical trials, it has been shown that the patients that have had their inlay utilizing this laser have had superior visual results. It has also been shown to be safer in creating pockets for those patients that have had prior LASIK surgery as there is a much lower chance of the new pocket interfering with the prior flap.