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Rick's Story

Rick P. started his new chapter on October 16, 2012.

“I have recommended KAMRA Vision to over 30 people in the first month after my procedure, friends, family members, people I work with, I tell them not to waste any more time with readers, it will make your life so much easier and more productive.”

Rick P.

I have had great vision my whole life and then it hit me 9 years ago. I needed reading glasses to see everything up close. I was struggling for at least a year before but then I gave in and got a pair of readers and that was it. I just needed stronger and stronger readers every couple of years. It changes you. You feel like you have entered another era of your life when you start wearing your ‘Dad’s glasses’. I had millions of pairs of reading glasses, all around the house. I just kept losing them. I felt like they just slowed down my life. My moment of reckoning was when I was in a Community Theater play and I had to put on my readers to read my lines, I felt like grandpa in front of the younger cast members. The last straw was when I did an on camera audition and had to put on reading glasses to read my lines. I think that solidified me being typecast as an elder.

I was not really scared about the surgery, just apprehensive. The ability to be able to read without glasses takes one huge stress out of my life. I never need to think about carrying my readers anymore, I never worry about what I can or cannot read which has made my life so much easier. I have reduced my Blackberry font 3 sizes. The ability to be able to sit and read a book with my kids or help them with their homework without searching for my glasses is priceless.