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Mariko's Story

Mariko P. started her new chapter on June 14, 2013.

Aside from the atmosphere at CCV, another plus was that I qualified for LASIK. CCV lasers make thinner cuts that allowed me to get faster healing LASIK instead of PRK. This alone convinced me that I was making the right choice to go with CCV!

Mariko P

I immediately knew that when I received my first pair of glasses at age 14, I would eventually want to get LASIK. So for many years, I would ask the optometrist at every appointment if I qualified, but she would tell me that I had to wait until I entered my twenties and my eyes stabilized. So finally, both of those things happened and I thought I might as well check out the consultations at a few LASIK clinics since they are at no cost.

I had booked an appointment at another clinic and they told me that I only qualified for PRK and that my corneas were too thin to have LASIK performed. For about a week after, I did my research and convinced myself that 10 days of painful recovery from PRK would be worth it in the long run. When my parents told me to talk to my doctor neighbor who had Lasik performed, he convinced me to get other consults so I booked an appointment with Crystal Clear Vision (CCV) and another clinic. My other neighbor had LASIK performed by Dr. Machat 20 years ago, so I figured if he's still happy with it now (when the technology wasn't as advanced), then Dr. Machat must be a pretty good LASIK surgeon.

Right from the beginning, I loved my experience at CCV. Everyone was very friendly and the atmosphere was very warm. It didn't feel as clinical as the other LASIK centers and the doctors and staff would speak in layman's terms, which really helps when you're already nervous about getting surgery.

On surgery day, everyone was so friendly and they talked me through every part of the procedure. During surgery it was reassuring to hear Dr. Machat kept saying "perfect, perfect." The procedure itself was very quick and painless! A lady that went in before me was very nervous before the surgery, but when she came out she was so confident and bragging about how easy it was!

Even after waking up after my nap the same day after surgery, I could see with 20/20 vision! I was so amazed! It's only been a few days after surgery and it's like I'm living a new life. I've had no side effects from the surgery; my night glare has actually improved from before I even had the surgery and no redness in the eyes either. Some of my friends that went to other clinics got red eyes for about two weeks, so they were impressed that my eyes showed no signs of recent surgery. I've been recommending CCV to all of my friends and coworkers just because my experience was so positive and I love the outcome! Now I can buy any sunglasses in the store and be able to see when I'm swimming. The list of things I can do now is endless and getting LASIK was definitely one of the best decisions I have made.

I want to thank everyone at CCV that helped me through the entire process and made it enjoyable. Who could have thought that surgery would ever be enjoyable? Thanks again!