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Kristina's Story

Kristina G. started her new chapter on June 7, 2013.

I've been wearing glasses since I was 12 years old and always felt like I was hiding behind them. When I was older I started to wear contacts, which showed me the pleasure of looking at the world without frames. However, I always found contacts to be fussy and cumbersome.

It was an emotional moment when I opened my eyes and realized that I could see the world clearly. While being prepped for surgery, I remember asking if it would hurt to cry. The reason I asked was because I knew as soon as I could see the waterworks would be inevitable.

I'd been to many other consultations at other centres. Crystal Clear Vision provided lots of individual attention and all my questions were answered knowledgably and all the new technology they used was explained extensively.

My support team (my mother and my boyfriend) also felt very confident that I was in good hands. Dr. Jeff Machat, Dr. Sondra Black and their wonderful team were compassionate and made me feel comfortable making the decision to go ahead with the surgery. During the surgery, Dr. Machat was very reassuring and made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Everyone was so calm and friendly that my fears melted away.

I followed the aftercare routine meticulously and the staff was always just a phone call away whenever I had any questions. My regular optometrist was very impressed with how my eyes are healing and said Dr. Machat's work was beautiful.

I had an amazing experience and I feel so thankful to all the wonderful people at Crystal Clear Vision.