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Chris's Story

Chris L. started his new chapter on April 4, 2013.

The surgery itself was quick and effortless. Dr. Machat and the staff made me feel comfortable and relaxed, the operations room is impeccably clean and organized, and the Amaris laser works very quickly.

Chris L

I am one of those freaks of nature that has strange eyes. For as long as I can remember, I have had both a near-sighted eye and a far-sighted eye, as well as thinner-than-normal corneas, and larger-than-normal optic nerves. Since I was a teenager, however, my distance vision was starting to weaken to the point where I found it difficult to perform at my potential at whatever I was doing, whether it was studying, doing sports, driving, or even watching a movie. Glasses were the first option I tried. They worked, but with one lens materially stronger than the other, they never felt (or looked) right on my face. Don't even get me started about the clip-ons I had to use for shades! Naturally, I switched to contact lenses. They worked too, but even with the most comfortable lenses on the market, they gave me dry eyes, which is not ideal when working 12 to 16-hours per day in front of a computer. Also, being into triathlons, I was always afraid of a lens coming off while swimming and not being able to see when on the bike portion-dangerous! Lastly, as an adventure traveler that enjoys backpacking where clean hands can't be taken for granted, it was inconvenient for me to have to dedicate precious space in my backpack to solution, weeks of daily lenses, and extra sanitizer for the hands. For these reasons, I had considered laser eye surgery for some time, but was always advised by my optometrists that I was too high a risk.

I knew, without a doubt, that I had made the right decision the day after surgery. After examining my eyes, my optometrist could not believe that my surgery was only the day prior and said that my healing was already a day ahead of schedule. She also said that the edge of the cut done by the Amaris laser was far cleaner than anything else she had seen. Generally, the initial healing process was consistently ahead of what was suggested by CCV by at least 1 day, and now, so have the results. Only 2 months after the surgery (carrying supposedly up to a 6 month healing process), my vision is already better than 20-20 (20-15) with one eye completely healed, and I feel absolutely liberated! The best experience so far? Giving all the contact lens solution that I bought in bulk on sale to my friends still slogging it with contact lenses!!