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Chantel's Story

Chantel D. started her new chapter on June 13, 2013.

All my life I have had really bad vision: cataracts, astigmatism, near sighted in one eye, far sighted in the other. Every year I would go and see various eye doctors hoping someone could perform LASIK on me and every time would be turned down. They said my eyes were just too bad to see results from LASIK.

Chantel D

My eye doctor referred me to Dr. Jeff Machat at Crystal Clear Vision. He also had had LASIK performed by Dr. Machat. From my first phone call with Crystal Clear Vision, I was impressed. The staff was beyond friendly and welcoming at my consultation visit. They were patient, empathetic to my concerns, answered all my questions honestly, delivered no false promises and spoke the truth to me.

The day of my surgery was like visiting old friends! The positive energy from every staff member, big smiles and conversation was very reassuring that I was in good hands. Dr. Machat met with me just before surgery and explained in detail what to expect, what I would feel and answered any last minute questions. During the surgery the calmness and reassurance from Dr. Machat's voice while he performed the LASIK definitely helped! His assistants also would count down the seconds remaining for each step of the surgery; surprisingly this helped tremendously and allowed me to relax knowing it was almost over. I have to say I am a little saddened that I won't get to go back to Crystal Clear Vision and see my friends again because I can now see PERFECTLY! Thank you to everyone at Crystal Clear Vision. You all played a special part in the success of my surgery and I am forever grateful for you!