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Atsuko's Story

Atsuko K. started her new chapter on October 16, 2012.

“I am sitting at my desk right now, tiny, tiny print in front of me and I can read it. I don’t need glasses for anything, just sunglasses for when I travel. It is amazing.”


I had LASIK 10 years ago when I was 38 with Dr. Machat. I had been wearing glasses since I was 12. I love camping and I could not camp with my contacts and struggled even with glasses. I would get insect repellant all over them, which just destroyed them. I had to get prescription goggles for swimming too. After I had my daughter, I couldn’t see the clock so I would have to wear my glasses when I lay down with her in bed and they would always bend out of shape and become crooked. When I had LASIK, I could see right away, it was amazing. Then ten years later, I had to wear glasses again for reading. I hated it. When I would do my photography, I would shoot but then couldn’t see to adjust the dials, couldn’t see if the picture was in focus. When I thought I had to wear glasses again, I felt old. I couldn’t read to my daughter without them. I was not ready to wear reading glasses, I simply wasn’t.

I really didn’t think very much about my decision to have KAMRA Vision™, I trusted Dr. Machat, he performed my LASIK, and LASIK on a friend of mine as well. I heard that he had the KAMRA Vision™ reading procedure himself. My decision was probably impulsive. I did not want to wear readers and I trusted that the procedure must be safe and must work if he had it done. As soon as my procedure was over, my nervousness disappeared and I have not worn my reading glasses since the day of the procedure. It is so nice not to have something on your face.