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Procedure Fees

The cost of AMARIS Custom LASIK and Custom PRK is $2450 per eye. These fees are all-inclusive prices and cover the pre-operative and post-operative care provided by your own eye doctor for one year, the consultation and testing provided by Crystal Clear Vision, the surgical consultation, the AMARIS Customized PRK or LASIK Procedure and all pre-operative planning, and any enhancements for the first year. After the first year, any changes in prescription are related to the natural aging or growth of the eye and a fee of $500 is charged for any laser enhancement treatment required.

These procedures are performed with the Schwind AMARIS 750S Excimer laser system for prescription correction and the Corneal Flap in Custom LASIK is created with the Ziemer Femtosecond laser system, the same system used on Dr. Machat’s eye. There are no better or safer laser systems worldwide today in Dr. Machat’s extensive experience. In general, the fees for Custom LASIK range from just under $2000 to over $3000 per eye throughout North America, however the care included, the level of technology and the surgeon experience vary considerably.